This year has been the 58th edition of the Salone Internazionale del mobile, "a showcase that has always mixed business with culture, shaping the history of design and furnishing yesterday, today and tomorrow. A global platform for truly top-notch products with an emphasis on innovation." 

As a leading producer of Coated Fabrics World Wide Spradling had been there in order to understand all the tendencies for this year, regarding colour and design.

This is what our experts have to say about this year's edition:


  • Which are the main tendencies regarding colour that you would highlight? 
    • Yellow is still growing up as a tendency as the colour of the generation Z and it is characterized for being warm and intense. 
    • Cosmetic tones, from soft coral to terracotta and coffee colours with a bit of orange that brings us also a concept of warmth.
    • Mint tones inside the green and blue colour range with a grey accent.
    • The Teal tone is still an important colour.
    • A wide range of grey neutral tones.
    • "Off White" range, beiges, cream colours of light and mid-light tonalities.


  • And which ones regarding design? 

The most relevant topics regarding design are all about Comfort and Sustainability.


  • About materials, which have been the tendencies?

Wood has been the clue material during the fair, taking into account all its tonalities, from light to dark spectrums. 


  • Which are the main furniture innovations presented at the fair that you think are worth it?

The clue topic on Innovation has been Sustainability, using recycled and Biomaterials, 3D printing and composites.


  • Regarding design, which are the main challenges for Spradling in order to attend the new tendencies of the market? 

We work hard every day for developing more and more sustainable materials and processes to ensure we are leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment. We also push forward for being above the tendencies with Coated Fabrics that can bring comfort and colour to the market.


  • Which Spradling products were exhibited during the fair?

The most exhibited ones were: Silvertex, Valencia, Hitch, Vogue and Maglia.

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